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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Korth The Most Expensive Revolver:

- Well I've already 'done' the smallest and biggest eh ..

KORTH - these are precision built in Germany - superbly finished in an extensive range of options & made from the highest strength hardened tool-steel parts. - None better.

Cross Sectioned Korth Revolver.
 - Who The Hell Could Afford To Chop One Open Like That?

It seems that these clinically presented examples of German Perfection and Precision will cost you around US$10,000 for the economy starter model - and I would never buy one - even if I came-up on the Lotto.

My reason being that I would never again be able to blame the tool for my bad workmanship! These things are so well made that they will never wear-out.. you'd have to change it when it gets grubby - like the Emerates Nationals changing their Ferraris ... when the ashtrays get full. (- They really replace them when the tyres need changing or a service is due).

Somebody else reviewing a Korth seems to have also been made to feel small by it's demeanor: Link:

- It seems that you may even be able to buy one in Damascus steel ..
- Would Sir like fries with that?

Note: Some years ago - I was driving a wee rental car on an Abu Dhabi multi lane highway, heading for the Oman Border in strong brassy sunshine - it was four lanes plus a service road either side for local traffic - making an 6 lane tarmac ribbon with date palms up the central reservation, through dirty looking desert  ... and I was doing around 150 kph in the fast lane and trying not to delay the overtaking locals too much in their shiny Ferraris, Maseratis, Porches, AMGs etc with their lights full on. - when a vision appeared ahead of a donkey-cart hugely overladen with camel fodder and its white dishdasha clad driver - blithely trotting straight towards me the wrong way in the fast lane.

- Knowing that any broken cartwheels would naturally be the fault of the foreigner - I just braked and changed into the slower lanes to avoid him .. I don't think he even looked at us as I sped on past.

Marty K.