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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Not a Bulldog - But Maybe a Bargain-Dog:

I bid-on, by mail and won, an auctioned collectible old revolver .. thinking that maybe I'd try it as a shooter (with light loads) as it has a 'New Zealand legal' four inch barrel. - Here is it's Auction description:

Lot 1943.  .32 S&W Calibre Harrington & Richardson Arms Co Top Break 6 Shot Revolver 4" barrel with Harrington & Richardson's name and address. Bore good. Star ejector.  Spurless hammer. Metalwork with approximately 85% finish. Good chequered hard rubber grips with the "H&R" emblem. Overall length 8". S/N 380. G+WO&C. Estimate $100 - $200.

I own it now and it's registered to my target pistol shooting licence. - But I think that I've got more to learn eh.

Two .32" H&R Revolvers - The Blued Example is NZ LEGAL to Shoot ..
 While The Bottom Nickel-Plated Revolver Is Judged NOT Legal to Shoot Here.

Reading a "When Bulldogs Ruled" story in GD 2010. I learned that most 'Bulldogs' had  unlocked cylinders that were free-spinning until the hammer is cocked.. This maybe explains why the larger double-action-only H&R pictured is a free-wheeling spinner that way and perhaps it isn't actually at fault there.

This was a problematic feature for pocket carry guns - as a partially loaded cylinder might rotate in the pocket and put an empty or fired chamber under the hammer at an awkward moment.

 - This one has a horrible & heavy trigger-pull that is not right and seriously needs sorting - plus the automatic ejector isn't and is jamming open.. But the bore is bright and shiny.. so that's something eh.

This latest purchase may properly be known as a 'Police Auto-Ejecting Third Model'? - but I need to do more research (and some work on it).

Ah yes .. that "approximately 85% finish" is cold blue over rust pitting - but it may be fixable!

Marty K.