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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Police Firearms Code Withdrawn:

I am somewhat perplexed by the statements and actions of the leadership of our police force over recent weeks.

When visiting the Christchurch District Headquarters Firearms Office a few days ago, I picked-up a printed copy of the new 2017 ARMS CODE .. my interest was to read it thoroughly and absorb any changes to their published firearms policy.

Note: This is Police 'POLICY' - not the LAW.

Starting with the "Commissioner's Message" on the inside front cover .. he incorrectly states that "..the ownership and use of firearms is not an automatic right. It is a privilege."

I noticed new and very different versions of police policy relating to 'SELF DEFENCE' - and on page 41 of the printed version they now say that we are required to justify to police the  number of firearms that we have - when they come to inspect our security .. further, the new definition of a firearm (1a) seems to include anything that might be made into a gun some time in the future!

However - the Police News Site has just published the following statement:

Incorrect version of Arms Code published

National News
The Arms Code was last published in hard copy form in 2013 and is currently being updated.
Unfortunately an incorrect version of a revised Code was published on the Police website recently.
This version contained a number of errors and has subsequently been removed from the website. 
Police apologises for any confusion or concern this may have caused among gun owners.
The Code will be reviewed in consultation with the Firearms Community Advisory Forum before being re-issued. 
A hard copy version is planned for publication in mid-2017.
Issued by Police Media Centre

- I'm still confused - as I already have a printed hard copy of the newly published 2017 Arms Code - Is it possible that it too contains "errors" and has been withdrawn ? - That would be an expensive mistake to make.

I understand that there may be consultation shortly... Could be interesting eh.

Marty K.