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Friday, 5 May 2017

Problems with NZ POST 'YOUSHOP':

New Zealand in most ways is a lovely country to live-in .. BUT you may get the impression sometimes that it is run by a bunch of intellectually handicapped, sub-normals.

I ordered (and paid for) three second-hand Gun Digests from Amazon US. .. 2011, 2012, 2013.

They weren't all that cheap but I didn't have them in my bookshelf and I believed that there is a good article about "BULLDOG" revolvers in one of them. So - Now Amazon wouldn't deliver them to NZ .. so I specified delivery to NZ Post YOUSHOP Warehouse in Portland Oregon for onward shipping to me in NZ .. at EXTRA COST of course.

(On further inquiry I think that the 'Bulldog Revolver' story may be in 2010 !! - Never Mind eh.)

ANYWAY .. NZ Post e-mailed me that a parcel they had intercepted contained 'a prohibited article'

- So I replied saying what are you talking about .. IT"S A BOOK.

So they have come-back and said - Ahh, it was received OPEN so we need to check if it's really yours

.. so when they stated that it was a prohibited article they were lying,. but they claim that it's a great service.

- Can I sue them?

Marty K.