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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Upgrade Your 1911 To 7.62x25mm Tokarev - & Anti-Gun Logic:

The more I investigate and read about the commonly disparaged "mouse gun" 7.62 mm and 7.65 mm 'thirty-twos' ... thirty caliber or "three line" cartridges being used in pistols - the more value I find.

In 2015, The Shooting Times ran an excellent story on how to upgrade 1911 performance with a conversion barrel kit to 7.62x25mm Tokarev.


They can explain all the benefits better than I - so just click on the Link above - but the conversion to the superior 'thirty-two' is best executed by starting from a .380" Super or 9x19 NATO chambered gun.

This upgrade may save the day for the many '1911' owners who have in the past been persuaded to spend their hard earned dollars on a disappointing old antique. 😈

LOGIC (not):
I just wanted to observe that there are repeated attacks on the legal ownership of firearms throughout the so-called 'Western World'.

 - This "clamping down" on law-abiding shooters seemingly because of reported gun use by criminal nutters - has as little logic as imposing legal restrictions on hospitals and doctors surgeries because of drug usage and manufacture by criminal gangs.

Surely nobody would attack our health services on such a weak excuse - but they do seem to be trying it on legal gun owners.

- A recent report (last week) from Washington D.C. reports that their new Police Chief has achieved a 25% reduction in violent crime as the direct result of cracking-down on drug dealers found in possession of illegal firearms. .. Now there's a surprise !

Link to the Reported 'NEW STRATEGY':

Marty K.