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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Noise Signature and 'Huey' Characteristic:

Characters I've known .. every club's got one eh.

Hard-of-Hearing Homophobe .. 
Toyota Truck and Smith & Wesson Fanatic.
It's gotta be a S&W Magnum ..
- Maybe the most uncomfortable gun ever shot
with standard grips and standard loads.
But - Check-out the story of how they balanced a Hueys rotor blades in Vietnam with one well placed counter-balance hole, shot opposite to the damaged blade. - Great story!

- the story goes that they then used the 'repaired' chopper as a personal taxi for the rest of their mission .. that's probably where he learned the taxi trade.

Odd to recall, but the NZDF only just decommissioned their Hueys in July this year ..

After nearly 50 years service of these Bell UH-1 Iroquoise - their distinctive sound will be missed. Two of them are going to the Wigram Air Force Museum in Christchurch - and most of the rest are up for sale.

Over 9,000 of these were made and something like 5,000 of them were used in the Vietnam war era.

Many younger folk will recognise the wop-wop sound and the use of the 'Huey' from repeats of TV show MASH.

Marty K.