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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Rare Antique .58 Schubart Cartridge:

Here's something for the cartridge collectors. - I don't pretend to know anything about it but I'm showing it out of interest.

We are assured that this is the rare American .58 Schubarth internal pin-fire round, patented in 1861

- and it should not be confused with an even rarer, slightly earlier cartridge 'Gallager & Gladding Inside Primed Pin-Fire' Patent # 24,730 of 12 July 1859.
Gallager & Gadding.58"

Size Comparison with a .223"
- I read that the projectile used is actually a 'Minie Ball' - All I can add is that you can, literally - "learn something new every day" .. eh.
Marty K.