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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Security Officer Stole Police Pistols:

Today 2nd July -A 40 year old Security Officer Benjamin Downes pleaded Guilty in the New Plymouth Courthouse to stealing two police issue Glock pistols, magazines and ammunition - that were held by the District Court as evidential exhibits - following the police shooting of Steven Wallace in 2000. - He was remanded for later sentencing.

Security Guard Downes.

One of the stolen pistols was recovered when a Taumaranui man Max Aramoana was arrested on methamphetamine and firearms charges in June 2013 - until this recovery the pistols theft had not been noticed.

Max Aramoana
Sentenced to Nine Years & 11 Months.
I have not seen any report that the second stolen police pistol has been recovered yet.
The New Zealand Police are reported to have 1771 Glock pistols in service and 908 Bushmaster .223" rifles.
Other Glocks, - 'parts' and a Taser have been reported as "missing" in recent years, - while unarmed police senior officers are said to carry as many as six firearms locked in their patrol cars.
Police may wear guns in hip or shoulder holsters at their own discretion but should notify a senior officer if possible.
Marty K.