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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Most Accurate .22" R.F. Ammunition?

As I seem to be shooting more & more .22" rim-fire stuff lately - I wondered which brands were recognised as "the best".

"Eight is Enough"
- A difficult question to answer as there are as usual - too many variables to consider.

The obvious excuse for burning-up buckets of mouse rounds is COST - and I've been haggling with counter staff over a few dollars on bulk packaged crap for so long now - that price has overwhelmed all other thinking. - That said - if you are shopping at the "worlds biggest gun shop" in Christchurch NZ - you really need to keep a calculator in hand - as those boys are sharp.

My .22" Calibre Glock Conversion.
- It should also be remembered that if like me - you are mostly just shooting for fun at shortish ranges - the true accuracy of the ammunition may not be that big of an issue.

Then you do have to sort-out which particular 'brand' your shooter likes and one that you can afford to buy.

I took a look online and  had a serious table showing their results of burning 4,000 rounds - plotting the results at three ranges, 50 yards, 75 yards, and 100 yards - while using a real Swiss made target rifle.

Their Number 1 is Eley Tenex Ultimate EPS, and my quick look placed Lapua Midas Plus in second place - while you need to scan well down the chart before any other makers names start to appear.
There is a bit of chat online at that's worth a look - they seem to suggest the usual advice to buy a range and try them in your gun - and use hunting ammunition on rabbits etc. as the target stuff just drills a neat hole and goes straight through with minimal damage.

- Good advice especially when these rare-breeds target-rounds can cost $25 plus for a packet of x50.

The cheap stuff that I'm popping-off currently comes 555 rounds thrown in a cardboard cube and has the occasional dud round - but mostly it goes bang and puts a hole somewhere in the paper.

Well Done That Man.

- While talking about 'mouse guns' - the .457" diameter lead balls that boom out of the Ruger Old Army .44" certainly rip a big hole in paper targets (at 25 cents each) - or maybe it's all that smoke, grease and unburnt charcoal!

 - Anyway - I just bought another box of '555' for NZ$50. - Wow that's still 9 cents a pop!

Marty K.