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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Moultrie Trail & Security Camera "Review":

My Blogger stats. say that I've posted 365 times to date - so you could read my ramblings every day for a year without repeating .. wow.

I bought the Moultrie M-880 (Gen2) Digital Game Camera because I thought that it might well prove to be a useful toy for general interest - but the main reason was that it might provide photographic evidence of a petty thief trespassing on my section. - I am sensitive about my security for the obvious reasons and that I have various valuable 'sporting goods' in my home.

The Cheek of it.

The picture illustrates that firewood thieves may not aspire to membership of Mensa - or indeed have probably not even heard of it. - Certainly I don't qualify for membership .. but I do know that it's not a very clever thing to "do the crime" and then leave a clear trail in the snow!

My first night-time infra-red, 'black-flash' shots were totally blank white-outs - and it took me a while to determine that my efforts to camouflage the camera by having a few branches in front, while maintaining a clear field of view for the lens was the problem. - The black-flash was bouncing back into the lens - Derrrrrr!

Daytime shots from the Moultrie are great and worth the expense eh? (That's "Lulu" the cat). The first 'download' from the camera was 1,014 images that included shots of one old fart going out to the shops and returning, a courier driver in high-vis delivering a package, various cats, old fart fetching firewood for the log-fire, plus the first dozen 'flashed-out' night-time shots caused by bounce-back.

- But I'd be pushed to say that even the improved dark-side infra-red is much more than 'OK'.

You can tell that it's winter from the on-screen infostrip temperatures.

- Still, - would I recommend this wee boys-toy to my cobbers? - Well certainly, as it does work.

In fact, the three weeks that the Moultrie has stood guard over my wood pile have been shrinkage-free - so that's a score.

 - Mind you - it could also be that three visits from marked police cars (parking outside) and the two other clearly visible police supplied cameras on posts are maybe serving as deterrents.

Life is Good,

Marty K.

P.S. Don't assume (as I did) that a USB Cable is, well - a USB Cable. - No, there are at least four different types and you can guarantee that the one you already have for your other camera is wrong and you need some other variety costing $20.

P.P.S: I am sagely advised that drilling a hole in a firewood log and packing it with FFFg to be placed temptingly on top of the heap is a no-no.