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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tunisian Beach Shooting - Officer Wouldn't Help:

A recent heartless killing by an ISIS murderer ..

I've seen disturbing reports (see The Mail Online Wednesday July 8th.)) that an armed police officer refused to confront the killer because he wasn't wearing his bullet-proof vest - but surrendered his pistol to a brave young volunteer who chased the gunman but was unable to work the safety or get the semi-auto pistol to fire properly.

There are plenty of thoughts generated by this account - but any instruction to wait for the police must be questioned. - we must get a more detailed report but it seems that it took another 20 minutes with 38 dead before vest wearing officers ended the shooting.
When maniac Anders Breivic dressed as a police officer in Norway and killed 77 young people in 2011, many delays were caused by police mistakes - but one tragic part of his attack was that there were several instances of the young people not trying to escape - indeed one group lay down on the path hoping that this killer would not shoot them if they played dead when he walked-up. - He shot them all - but some lived to tell how they had thought it was a good idea not to resist.
Breivic (No Death Penalty)
Reference: ' One of Us' by Asne Seirstad - the story of the Norway massacre.
Marty K.