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Thursday, 30 July 2015

TASERS - All NZ Police to Carry:

Today 31 July 2015 police Commissioner Mike Bush made the historic announcement that all frontline NZ Police will be required to be armed on duty with Tasers.

This forward step is stated to cost NZ$600,000 and will entail procurement of a further 600 Tasers.

Police X2 Taser.
Police Association President Greg O'Conner said "this is a courageous, sensible, and timely decision" and that the eventual routine arming of police with guns was inevitable.

Defense Products101 quotes on their US website "Law enforcement officers say that Taser(r) Guns have the equivalent stopping power of a .357" Magnum pistol.".

The Taser(r) Gun is not classified as a firearm in America by the FTA and is legal to carry in 45 states - either concealed or openly.

The X2 version can display 'warning arcs' and can fire twice - but the later X3 Taser can be fired three times.

Marty K.