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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Pietta Pepperbox : 'Trail Boss' Powder:

 Gun Digest 2016  (- next years) has a small piece on page 271 of an interesting fun gun .. the Pietta Navy Yank Pepperbox .36"

.. Looks like a Navy Colt that's had a nasty accident eh

I like the idea of pepper box pistols and here's one muzzle-loader that's current - but it does look odd .. but there is plenty of room in that long cylinder and chambers for double ball loads - maybe even triplex?


Even more interesting is page 194 - "Americas Enduring Big Bore" - telling a tale about the 45-70 Govt. a cartridge that dates from 1873.
This writer likes the veteran round - provided he's got a soft rubber butt pad !

Two of the guys (Cutters & JBTFL) at the pistol club have recently bought guns in this big old thumper caliber and I'm tempted to buy one too. That big lump of lead impresses the hell out of my grundies and you can soften its bark/bite by using sub-sonic loads - loading lighter chunks of lead in front of 'Trail Boss' powder.

I hadn't heard of Trail Boss until 'Cutters' explained his light-weight ( only 340 grains of lead!) plinking load in 45-70 to me a couple of months back .. -  a 340 grain hard cast lead pill doing around 1125ft per sec. driven by a 14 grain scoop of 'Trail Boss".

I M R Trail Boss is a bulky and distinctive fast pistol powder
 - ideal for reduced power cartridge loads.

 - I''m wondering if I was to buy something in this caliber - might I be able to load some brass with the same .457" (142 grain) balls that I'm chugging down-range from the ROA six-gun? ( Probably a .45" acp bullet would be more practical eh)

- It might be fun finding out - there are even handguns produced in this thumper cartridge too .. now there's a thought!

Marty K.

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