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Friday, 21 August 2015

Gun Fatalities per 100K by Country:

Just a small attempt to put things in perspective - bearing in mind that America is often held-up as the gun-death disgrace of the world" (More people are killed in road accidents there)

Gun Fatalities per 100 Thousand head of Population:

Honduras              64.8
Venezuela             50.9
Jamaica                 39.74
South Africa         21.51
USA                     10.64
Argentina             10.5
Canada                 2.22
Norway                1.78
New Zealand       1.45
Australia               0.86
Netherlands           0.46
United Kingdom    0.26

- These figures are taken from Wikipedia who have a bigger/ better list.

I know that the minute anyone dares to quote figures - lots of objectors will say that they are out-of-date or that they don't mean what you think etc. etc. - so I'm not about to infer anything.

I was interested to see that NZs figure was much higher than Australia, & Netherlands & UK.

-I am wondering why - but I do know - from years of being concerned with "Health & Safety" in the workplace - many of my workmates had a very careless attitude and complained about "P.C. Freaks" (meaning me!).

Marty K.