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Thursday, 6 August 2015

NZ License Courses Disrupted:

Here in New Zealand new shooters are required to study the 'NZ Firearms Code' then take and pass a Firearms Safety Course before they are granted a basic Firearms Licence.

These courses are run by volunteer instructors from The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council  - Unfortunately this Council has just made changes ( cost saving?) that involve abolishing two administrative positions in training and safety .. and have also disbanded an advisory committee on firearms safety .

The NZ MSC is quoted as stating that it "will be appointing new partnership advisers and setting-up new issue specific advisory groups as needed".

- National shooting organisations are aghast at these proposals and say that the prospect of 'safety instructors' no longer being required to actually hold a Firearms Licence may be disastrous.

The eventual outcome of these changes is unknown - but currently whole teams of MSC volunteers have announced their resignation from that organisation.

- Currently the only alternative that I am aware of for new applicants for a Firearms Licence is to take a course titled 'Firearms Legislation and Safety Course' that is run by the Open Polytechnic. - I did this course way back in time and when I last looked it had become very expensive at $392.00. (this cost is of course extra to the Firearms Licence Application Fee)

I'm only guessing - but I'm expecting these changes to result in increased difficulty in obtaining a licence and much increased expense for prospective shooters.

Marty K.
P.S. - We had all better hope that the "new partnership advisers to be appointed" will exclude 'forensic adviser adjunct associate professor Philip Alpers' and his anti-gun 'Gun' .