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Saturday, 22 August 2015

NZDF Select "Preferred Tenderer":

The NZ Ministry of Defence has announced that Lewis Machine & Tool (USA) have been chosen as "preferred Tenderer" to supply replacement individual weapons for NZDF.


It is not known which exact model of the above AR type rifle will be selected - but this announcement contrasts somewhat with the Australian decision to buy AuSteyr EF88 'Bullpup' rifles.

It may be a concern that NZ forces will be deployed with very different weapons systems to that proposed by their usual joint operational running mates.

EF 88 - Australias Choice.

-  Perhaps this announced selection may be subject to "amendment" in due course?

- I do not wish to comment on NZ Armed Forces well considered decisions coming from Wellington but ...

The TFB post where I saw this announcement mentions intended use of 77 grain .556" projectiles but contains no mention of what optical sights system will be used by NZDF.

Marty K.