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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Glock 40 MOS 10mm:

Well, I'm posting this picture of the new 'long-slide' because (1) it's a great look .. and (2) I really rate the 10mm cartridge.

GLOCK 40  10MM Gen 4

Hey Santa, can I have two please - one with and one without?

10 mm Auto   Caution - May be Hot

- I asked Greg Ellefritz of Active Response Training some time ago if he had any shooting statistics for the 10mm from his law enforcement research. He answered negative - but that he had a mate who swore that the Glock 10mm was the best thing handy for stopping Afghan terrorists in vehicles at a road block!

- You probably do need biggish hands or long fingers to be comfortable with the grips (15+1 capacity).

Glock 20 & Glock 29 in 10 mm with Heavy Hard Cast Bullets

Marty K.

P.S. I've just noted in passing - that two new outfits are advertising AR15 platforms that accept Glock magazines.

'Quarter Circle' show this lower receiver:

Angstradt Arms; Manufacturing complete systems in various calibers
.45", 9mm, .40" etc., 10mm too?

- If I find anything more about them I'll post about it .. Hmm, now if you could get the 9mm "Glock lower" and mate it to a NZ approved 'A-Cat' pump-action 9mm upper with a red-dot sight - that could work OK for Three Gun matches ...