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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Passenger Train Attack:

This recent attack by an armed "extremist killer" was foiled by quick acting passengers.

The train from Amsterdam to Paris was travelling through Belgium when the heavily armed killer started his attack on passengers.

- It seems that first a Frenchman had a go and then when shots were heard by others - some more decided not to be victims. - Three (or four?) US Servicemen are variously reported as disarming and restraining the heavily armed terrorist - along with help from an older British businessman.

Well done to all who bravely acted to stop a major attack on innocent travelers .

I'm hoping that this signals a new attitude of self-defense and a move away from law-enforcement advice that we should all "not resist in case we make it worse - and risk assault charges!" - and that now all law-abiding folk may consider having a mind-set to uphold the law as best they can.

Marty K.