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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Gun Drawing used in Polish Bank Raid:

Oh my giddy aunt - you've gotta have a laugh eh.

The Telegraph newspaper of 16 Aug. reports that a 33 year old British man walked into a Warsaw Poland bank with a drawing of a gun and tried to rob it.

He approached the female cashier Agnieszla Wlodarski  - and because he couldn't speak Polish - showed her a drawing of a gun and then another card with his written demand "This is a robbery I have a gun  Give me all the money."

This must be a fine example of how well the UKs gun restrictions are working eh ! (except it wasn't in Britain - but he thought that was what a gun looked like) - Naah, he just couldn't speak Polish ..

 The Cashier did well and told him to "get back in the queue and wait your turn" - which our brave but stupid Hero did - sitting down in line - while she telephoned the police who arrested the unarmed trier at the Jerozilinskie Avenue Bank and have charged him.

Marty K.