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Monday, 17 August 2015

N.Z. Shopkeeper wants to Dye Thieves:

The town of Huntly - a coal town some 90k south of Auckland  - is moving forward in its fight against crime and perpetrators.

- Church Minister and food shop owner Julie Jones wants shopkeepers to arm themselves with water-guns filled with paint or dye to identify the thieves,- and an air-horn to sound the alarm before dialing 111 for the emergency services.

She says "It's more an action of love." 

- I'd guess that she has been seeking a well meaning and 'christian' action.

A spokes-person for the neighborhood police was understanding and sympathetic - but did ask ".. What if he was six foot tall with a tattoo on his neck?"

Personally, I feel that the colored water could well really annoy a large-built robber - especially if it was kept handy (and cold) in one of her shop refrigerators.

Note: When the UK tightened its gun laws in 1997 - effectively banning private handguns - homicide rates doubled over the next eight years.

Marty K.