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Monday, 10 August 2015

AR-15 Pump&Lever-Action -Try Muzzle-Loading:

I've only just heard that a pump-action version of the AR-15 is being built in US by Troy Defense.

This "PAR" is being built in both .223" and .300 BLK currently,( and they are also building a different gun in .308")

This is very interesting to Kiwis as well as US residents of the anti-gun states - because no-way is this firearm covered by the "military style semi-auto" restrictions here. It is manually operated by the pump-action - but still accepts standard AR-15 magazines and other 'clip-ons'.

The folding stock would prove to be problematic but should be readily fixed to comply with NZ Firearms Regulations .. I hear some have already been imported that are non-folding.

While researching this story I came across brief mention of UK legal versions of the 'AR-15'  - one that locks open after each shot and has to be manually released each time to fire a further shot .. and I even spotted a story line that told of a 'lever-action' version !!

Supposed To Be a British Lever-action AR-15 in .30" Carbine Caliber?
- I know nothing!

 - While we are looking at strange versions of the AR-15 - here's another eh:

Slide Stock AR-15 in 'Slow-Mo'

- Ammo must be cheaper over there in US of A.

.. and another "AR" styled lever-action piece:
Mossberg 464 SPX Rifle chambered For .30-30 Win?

- Don't ask me - but if you really want a SHTF version - consider the CMMG .50" caliber Muzzle-Loading Upper.

Muzzle Loader?

- Yup, drop in the powder charge (two powder pellets) - ram down the .50" caliber bullet and prime it by inserting a .223" brass shell case that's "capped" with a 209 shotgun primer !

They are saying you can have one for US$785. - But I've not found any video of it being fired - so maybe it is just a joke ..

Hmmmm - what were they on?.

Marty K.