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Saturday, 11 July 2015

New Ruger Revolver M.5032 in .45 Colt (.45"acp too):

Now look here - I'm not a Ruger agent or anything - but I have to agree with my shooting mate "Cutters" that this new revolver from Ruger has to be a winner - or at least a very desirable item.

Model 5032 Redhawk  .45 Colt & .45"acp (Moonclips)
This new release wears a round-butt and a 4.2 inch barrel - great for New Zealand pistol shooters. - And there's no stupid 'gun-lock' in sight!
Still Looks Good From The Other Side.
'Chunky' eh.
Ruger is supplying US dealers with extra 'Three-Packs' of the moon clips . - That's a good-looking piece.
- Now I'm not going to pretend that I've been converted and now actually enjoy *** being hurt in the hand by shooting big bore magnums etc. - but this model gives you the option of being wacked 'till you can show the bruises to your mates .. or you can have fun with the old big-bore a.c.p round that works.
*** As a kid I went to a Jesuit College for five years and had blood-blisters (over purple bruises) on my hands from "double four"  more than once - dealt-out by black-gowned sadists using a flat whale-bone covered in black india rubber called 'the ferule' 
 - Might explain my aversion to full house .44 Magnum loads! (and religion)
Anyway - I gotta agree with Cutters that this lump of stainless steel has got me interested - how about we put in an order to Auckland for one each ?
Oh my poor bank balance .. but Life is Good eh.
Marty K.
P.S. Have you seen his 'Man Cave'?