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Monday, 29 June 2015

Shooting Costs - Try TRIDENT Nukes!

I have just spent slightly under NZ$400 on a "Trail Cam" to try remedy a security issue at my place - I get ticked-off by my 'ex' for overspending on my shooting interests,

- Well, it is the same calibre as my Glock17.

 - but this latest spend on a Moultrie M-880i  - a movement activated camera with invisible night-time infra-red flash - should be a worthwhile expenditure .. I'll report back in due course.
M-880i Gen.2

I Doubt It Will Be Seen At Night.
(- It's Close To Centre.)

- But this is a waste of money ...

While "Austerity" seems to be a catch phrase around UK and Europe - how about the British taxpayers forking-out 151 Million pounds for new plumbing in Buckingham Palace - and then 5.7 BILLION Pounds for 're-doing' the Westminster Houses of Parliament?

Barely-Afloat Britain (No "Great" about it any more) - is also debating whether they should spend 25 BILLION POUNDS on updating their Trident missile nuclear submarine fleet (only four subs armed with 65 Trident II D-5 missiles leased from America ) - What a deal, Mrs Thatcher.
- I hear that they have to 'phone America first for permission to fire one!

- The SNP, Scottish National Party, wisely says that the government should show some initiative and go nuclear-free and save the money for more pressing needs. - Their current missiles and submarines are based in Scotland.

- Now I'm not going to bore you with my pacifist wishes (to live 'till I die) - but I see that it's very nearly the 30th anniversary (31 July 1985) of when the BBC finally - after 20 years - allowed their Academy Award Winning Best Documentary Feature .. "THE WAR GAME" to be shown on TV.

Made for the BBC by Peter Watkins in 1965, "The War Game" is a fifty minute 'docu-drama' about what it would be like in 'Nuclear Power UK' if they were attacked by nuclear weapons.

For twenty years the BBC accepted government pressure and prevented people from seeing what modern warfare would be like .. If you watch it you will understand why the UK Government (and the BBC) thought that it was too strong for the inmates (oops- that's 'citizens') to watch.

One of UKs Four Vanguard Ballistic Missile Platforms
 - Based at Clyde West of Glasgow.

You may be able to see the program on the internet - certainly it is still available as a DVD. - Strong stuff.

- What's that adage about "treating people like mushrooms - keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit."

Marty K.

P.S. Here's a thought - If they do decide to re-build 'The Houses Of Parliament' - they should re-locate all the M.Ps and staff up to the SELLAFIELD Nuclear site and make them attend the debating chamber there for at least 40 hours every week. - I bet that they'd then sort-out the waste nuclear materials, critical fuel rods, and leaking storage tanks etc. within days!
Marty K.