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Monday, 15 June 2015

Now The SMALLEST Revolver - XYTHOS:

I enjoyed finding-out about the worlds most powerful and largest revolver(s) - See my blog post 21st April 2015.. 'Worlds Most Powerful Revolver - 600 Nitro-Express'.

- But wait - now we present the worlds smallest (about 1.75 inches long) working revolver - The XYTHOS Miniature 2mm calibre pin-fire revolver. - Made by Andres & Dworsky of Karlstein, Austria who are/were clock makers from 1903 onwards (lots of 'cuckoo-clocks').

 I must have lead a sheltered life until now - or else they just haven't yet arrived down here in NZ.

2mm Pin-fire Blanks

- There's even Youtube footage on these cute little cap guns:

 I'd like to find one !

Uh-Oh - I bet they are a banned import. -  There is some information on-line at

On The Other Hand !
SwissMiniGun C1ST Revolver may well be a far superior gun to claim that it is the worlds smallest - except its nominal calibre is larger at 2.34mm. Their rim-fire cartridges
and their revolvers are superbly made works of art ..
- and it is hard to see just how small it is above - but the next image shows it ..
- Custom -Built to order - the C1ST rim-fire cartridge achieves 400 foot per second and the wee revolver measures 5.5cm long (less than 2.2 inchs).

This double-action miniature revolver is recognised by Guinness World Records as the worlds smallest fully working revolver. - these are BIG money. Modelled on the Colt Python - one of these (basic model) would cost around US$7,000 without any diamonds or gold plating - but note that these are a banned import into USA. (- The Xythos revolvers are built as blank firing guns.)
Going up in scale ! - you'd have to admire the antique Kolibri 2.7mm calibre centre-fire semi-auto pistols that date from a 1910 patent and were released for sale in 1914 by watchmaker Franz Pfannl and his business partner Georg Grabner. - One entry that I read claimed that Grabner designed the Kolibri.
That's a .45"acp round in shot for scale
The Kolibri magazine holds 5 rounds of the centre-fire primer-only cartridges that manage to launch the 3gn bullets at 650 foot per second from its smooth bore barrel.
Kolibri Cartridge between two .22" rounds
- with a 9mm for scale.

These Kolibris were made in a factory in Donau, Austria and sold as real concealable, purse guns at a time when small calibre handguns were in fashion (1900s). 

Marty K.