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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

STEN Sub-Machine Gun Found In UK Home:

The British tabloid DAILY MAIL reported on June 16 that builders working on the home of recently dead 99 year old Eileen Burgoyne found - amid a cache of weapons - "bullets, documents, and a STEN-GUN" - a WW2 9mm submachine gun .

Eileen Burgoyne.

Police Guard Outside the House where She Lived.
Neighbours said that it was thought locally that reclusive linguist Eileen had been a wartime spy and worked for MI 5 when serving between 1945 and 1953.
- What is truly amazing is how England has escaped from a major disaster resulting from this dangerous un-licenced machine-gun being in the community for the last sixty-two years !!
- Just goes to show .. mustn't grumble eh.
Marty K.
P.S. Isn't it a shame that so many of these wartime heroines & heroes have passed without telling us their stories.
Hickok45 plus STEN
.. Watch the 'Close-up' and 'Woods Walk' Clips Too.

The blow-back operated STEN name is an acronym  from the weapons designers Major Reginald V Shepherd and Harold Turpin and EN for Enfield (- Royal Small-Arms Factory Enfield.) - Although STENs were also built in many different plants worldwide - including Europe & overseas, Canada, Australia (Austen), and by Radio Corporation New Zealand.