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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Antique Ring-Guns - 'Dyson' and 'Riverboat Special' :

There wasn't much factual information to be found 'on-line' about these novelty pepper-box revolvers .. Manually rotated then cocked by the larger lever and fired by the smaller?:

French made Bague Le Petit Protector ring-guns - be careful what you buy.

- Seemingly made in the nineteenth century for both 2mm and 4mm calibre pin-fire cartridges.

Companion Set - Guns in both calibres.
-'His & Hers'

There may (or may not) also have been a 5mm production called the Dyson LePetit :

Note: See STOP PRESS below !

- I know nothing!

- Some entries describe the Dyson LePetit as a .22" calibre but pictures still show a pin-fire cartridge.

One site mentions that there were various 'Continental' rip-offs made in both Belgium and Germany **.

- A further comment is that these wee guns got hot when fired repeatedly! - personally they don't seem very practical to me even as a "knuckle-duster" - a sure way to break your fingers on a hard object (or burn them) - however that might be better than shooting yourself in a tender part eh.

** Try England !

STOP PRESS: I have traced the "Dyson" guns as modern, current production, - to England !

Peter Dyson & Son Ltd, 3 Cuckoo Lane, Honley, HOLMFIRTH, Yorkshire, HD9 6AS, UK.
Tel: 01484 661062

They make and sell various black-powder supplies and reproduction guns - their web-site currently advertises their reproduction "hand-made nickel-silver ring-gun" for 1,750 pounds.

'antiqued' - Picture From Dysons UK Web Site.

 - An honest copy of a different style - The Riverboat Special - is being made in USA by Francis Lebeda (Lebeda Engineering - Iowa City?). He has posted a blank firing demo on Youtube

- that's all folks,

Marty K.