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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Prince Rupert Of The Rhine - Ballistic Celebrity:

Introducing Prince Rupert (1619-1682), soldier, crack pistol shot, experienced naval commander, Senior Admiral of the Royal Navy, scientist, - and "gun-nut" - a true celebrity.
Rupert - Hero and Villain.
- it was said that his dog had more haircuts than he!

If you want a 'Hero' this is your man .. a quick thinking fighting man - cavalry, Privateer, Admiral of the RN - and a bit of a lad with the ladies. - Founding member of The Royal Society, inventor of "stuff"!

  Rupert Island in Canada is named for his time as the first Governor of The Hudsons Bay Company.

Inventor of an advanced 'cannon' named 'Rupertinoe'  - that was an annealed and lathe turned accurate cannon with only 3% windage clearance between the bore and projectiles. - He cast the guns in his foundry at Windsor Castle and three naval ships ( Royal Oak, Royal James, & Royal Charles) were armed with his expensive Rupertinoes.
HMS Royal Charles

- he also invented  a gun that fired multiple rounds at high speed, a handgun with rotating barrels, - a form of gunpowder said to be ten times more powerful when tested, - 'Princes Metal' also known as 'Bristol Brass' for ordnance manufacture,  a torpedo and a diving engine for wreck salvage work.

Actress Margret Hughes - Ruperts Partner in later life.
Boye - Ruperts Hairy Dog
Boye was given to Prince Rupert to be company when he was imprisoned during the Thirty Years War - You might guess that even his dog has an interesting life story and its own Wikipedia page!
With his Dog and Pistol

A Cannon at Windsor Castle.
 - I can't detail enough about Prince Rupert - but well worth your time to read his Wikipedia entry.
- Look, if you're a "visual learner" you can even Youtube him for a bit of comedy!
Marty K.

P.S. Pity that this 'Celeb.' has little connection with New Zealand eh - but we hadn't been "discovered" yet.(except maybe by the Maoris).