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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Swedish made Firearm Simulator:

Marksman Training Systems AB of Sweden are producing a decent shooting / training aid that projects the shooting scene and targets onto any flat white surface.

Their computer is linked to the projector(s) and sensor systems and may be supplied complete with a dummy shotgun - however, the shooting simulator may also be mounted onto any firearm of choice and may be fitted with a mechanical trigger firing-detector that permits use of a firearm that would normally require cycling to re-set the trigger.

Barrel Mounted ST-2 Sensor.
There are many 'simulators' around - but this one interested me because The Firearms Blog posted about the use of this particular coaching aid - on-board a British cruise ship sailing around the UK.
The lucky cruisers reported that they enjoyed using the facility when in port and also posted video on the TFB post. - The manufacturers own website is well laid-out and details how their computer based simulator is designed.
The dummy shotgun may be fitted with an optical sight to simulate rifle target shooting.
Lots of Video Clips on Youtube.
The British on-board simulator was reported as restricted to 'targets' only - no live animal shooting allowed. - No surprises there then.
The ST-2 system is an indoor simulator and the projected images screen needs to be shaded from any bright lighting source.
- No mention anywhere of use with handguns - but I'd guess that the sensor, sights, and trigger detectors can readily be adapted and mounted to revolvers and other pistols.

- Could be useful as a training simulator for a large pistol target shooting club (one with money - and a clubroom!).
Marty K.