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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Kiwi Character - Barry Crump:

Barry Crump was born in Auckland in 1935 and spent many years working in the New Zealand 'Bush' as a government deer culler - living rough and shooting red-deer as pests.

He came to fame - "World Famous - in New Zealand" after writing his first book "A GOOD KEEN  MAN" in 1960 - a humorous auto-biographical novel telling of his life experiences.

More funny novels followed - twenty-three all up - including 'Hang On A Minute Mate' and 'Bastards I Have Met'. - Both his book characters and his own public face were 'blokey' and he began to appear on television in Toyota adverts. for their rugged 4WD Hi-Lux vehicles

Barry Crump died in 1996.

Marty K.