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Friday, 5 June 2015

Old Folding Pen-Knife - Lockwood Pampa:

I have a few knives both old and new ( guns and knives - must be a maniac eh!). The French made Opinels are a favourite brand being reasonably priced and good quality working 'ring-lock' folders ..

Opinel Ring-Locks.
Actually, the smallest knife is not a 'ring-lock'.

But one old pocket knife below is a top favourite despite its poor corroded condition ..

The lower knife is marked  C+X Lockwood 'PAMPA Real Knife' and is beautifully made with hard wood bolsters, a copper lanyard loop (Bail) and slide-out tweezers. I believe this is a genuine antique made before WW1 and despite its age (or maybe because of its age?) it really "walks and talks".

 - Its strong but smooth spring action first resists movement - then assists to the halfway 90 degree point where it firmly stands (half-stop) - then resists again to about the three-quarter stage before finally pushing-on and then snaps (the talk) into the fully open (or closed) 'locked' position..

There aren't many modern pen-knives made that "walk & talk" properly.

Note: The 'walk' is the bearing face of the knifes spring.

 - There is a 'slide-out' tweezers in the handle (shown partly out) and the fine old carbon steel blade takes and keeps a sharp edge. - Badly showing its age but still beautiful.

The contrasting (upper) pocket knife is a good quality modern spring-assisted stainless steel 'tanto' bladed  S O G Flash that - once started by single handed using the thumb-nut or stud, - takes over to spring into the locked open position - keep your fingers clear!

Very different tools - similar sized - but each excellent individually.

Ancient and modern.

Marty K.