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Monday, 8 June 2015

Oscar Pistorius Prison Release?:

- Latest news published on this nut-case killer is that he is about to be recommended to be released on parole in August. - Already!

SKY NEWS Picture of "Blade Runner" Pistorius with 9mm Pistol.
This maniac who was previously found guilty of firing his handgun in a restaurant - presented a defence that he thought it was a burglar locked in the toilet - like that makes it OK to fire four shots through a door at an unknown person? - killing your girlfriend.
- His defence plea resulted in a lot of comment world-wide - including dubious humour:
- I'm not in favour of so-called 'Gun Bans' - but I am certainly in favour of restricting licences to folk who are 'fit and proper' and clear of any criminal convictions.
This killer was only found guilty and sentenced in September 2014 - and is now said to about to be released in August 2015 ????
Marty K.