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Thursday, 5 April 2018

A Quarter OF US Guns Come From Europe - British Stuff Goes Elsewhere:

USA is the worlds largest user of guns - both militarily and in it's domestic market .. so it's interesting to note that around 25% of that weaponry is imported from Europe:

It's a little sad to observe that the UK comes in bottom of this graph - despite Britain being the second largest manufacturer & exporter of weaponry worldwide (USA 35%, UK 15% of world production).

The explanation is that Britain focuses it's arms trade on Weapons of Mass Destruction rather than small arms suited for self defense and hunting by citizens .. and their establishment profits from bulk sales to Middle-Eastern nations with lots of oil money. The UK specializes in ships, submarines, attack aircraft and cluster bombs such as the BL755 made by Hunting Engineering. Link:

- Here is a Royal Airforce 'bomb catalogue' or Systems presentation .. the BL755 appears about halfway and again at the end:

- Nice to know that our governments retain our best interests at heart at all times eh.

The Rosyth Built Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers Cost So Many Billions
That The Poms Can't Afford More Than Six Planes For Each (As per image)

 - Not Likely To Make Or Sell Any To Saudi Arabia - unless a 'one careful owner' deal is needed after Brexit .. the Chinese might be interested as a swap for their nuclear power stations eh.

- The Americans seem to value them as a low cost addition to their naval forces: The British First Sea Lord says "I have talked with the CNO (Chief of Naval Operations) in America. He is very keen for us to get these because he sees us slotting in with his carrier groups." 

Marty K.