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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The MORKO 'Handgonne':

This early cast bronze "hand cannon" was dredged-up in a fishing net in 1828 near the island of Morko off the coast of Sweden.

Bore is around 21.5 mm ( .846 inches)

I'm showing it here because it is very nicely preserved in great condition - while being dated from around 1380 to 1400 C.E. (Bronze is good stuff eh).

 If you like this early black-powder weapon I guess you can follow-up and do research on line .. but the piece is said to be kept in The National Historical Museum, Stockholm.

I read that there are some odd attempts to interpret the writings on it's surface as below ..

A fascinating and well made gun - likely that the hook underneath was used to 'steady' the gun and ease it's recoil - and the good looking head may have served as something like a foresight.. maybe.

If you'd like to learn something about the 'RUNES' on this antique and some interpretations go to "Cold Case". Link:

Marty K.