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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

TEXAS Crime Stories & 'Polished Turds':

I like 'to read myself to sleep' .. hop into bed and read until the brain closes down and the eyelids won't stay-up anymore 😊 - this last couple of weeks I've been using four books by Sgt. Brian Foster of the Houston Texas Police to hum my 'lullabies':

  Homicidal Humor, More Homicidal Humor, The Clot Thickens ('H.H.3') & 'Blood Trails Across Texas': True Crime Stories ..

Gritty stories of Sheriffs, Texas Rangers, Detectives, and Police action both in the city and "under the pines". This writer has served his peers well for years and has put-down on paper the "whimsical" side of life while dealing with it's darkest events .. one phrase used by his workmates describing some of the locals is .. "You can't polish a turd".

Along with the sorry tales and black humor of low-life events - there is plenty of sage advise and gun lore. - I particularly enjoyed and agreed with Brian's thoughts on the excellent .30-30 ** lever-actions from Marlin & Winchester when used for social work. 

.. talking about "Polished Turds" - there is of course a well organised financial sector of polished predators lurking in The City of London ..

It isn't just 'coincidental' that these English folk with lots of numbers in their investment portfolios speak as if they've got somebody's plums in their mouth.

It just so happens that they HAVE to speak that way because they did in fact spend a considerable part of their formative years being conditioned at schools near Repton, Winchester or Eton etc - warming the toilet seat for their Fag-master with his plums in their mouth.

"You're next Winnie - when Horace has finished."  .. Of course any boy who spoke like their chauffeur or the local green-grocer when accepted into those Establishment Boarding schools would be rapidly re-programmed .. because the way we speak .. "accent" - is used to discriminate between "them" and "us". (Sometimes New Zealanders can move in higher levels of English society - because their accent is not classed.).
There is a photo of me somewhere with a huge ginger feral cat that I shot outback South-Western Queensland, Cunnamulla region, - using an open sighted single shot Thompson Contender carbine .30-30 (- after several mates failed to nail it with their high velocity scoped hunting rifles .. maybe the feral was too close for them). Sure this antique cartridge dates back to 1895 .. but it's "inadequate performance" is way above my competence level in the field and it can do everything that I ask of it.
- Predators are of many forms ... and the scum rises to the top along with the cream.

Link to Los Lobos singing "Carabina Treinta-Treinta  .30-30":

Marty K.