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Saturday, 21 April 2018

UK Gunfire Supports Financial Corruption:

The Queen of New Zealand celebrated her 92nd Birthday on 21 April 2018  with military parades and gunfire in various public places .. a 41 gun "salute" in London's Hyde Park, - 21 guns in Windsor Great Park, - and 62 guns at the Tower of London in 'THE CITY' fired by The Honourable Artillery Company.

The Honourable Artillery Company
is a Registered CHARITY (for Tax Purposes) that is affiliated to six public schools  - EtonHarrowMarlboroughRadleyRugby and Wellington - to facilitate communication with the schools and to inform students of the opportunities available to them in The City .

The 'HAC' runs a Cadet Battalion staffed by "young City workers" that fires these salutes and provide 'guards of honour' for the likes of The Lord Mayor of The City' - who is the leader of the Corporation of London and represents & promotes London's "financial sector".

The "Lord Mayor" of Tax Avoidance With "The Birthday Girl Queen"

(This is not the Mayor of London who is something else again.)

 - Some joker called Roberto Saviano (a Mafia / Corruption journalist-expert) reckons that London's 'City' off-shore based tax avoidance and money laundering activities make the UK the most corrupt Nation in the World. He says that 90% of London's financial capital owners are based off-shore.
".. this is about your life - this is about your government".

Marty K.

Ah - The Queen has TWO Birthdays every year - as befits her position of privilege over & above her subjects - who only have one birthday.