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Monday, 16 April 2018

Unprotected Victims - Short Term Thinking - Immediate Gratification:

Been reading a lot of 'cop stories' lately about "Stoopid" & his underclass criminal nutter mates.

Here in New Zealand - there lately is a big increase in "corner shop" robberies by mostly young morons - because new gov. taxes have raised the cost of cigarettes so far as to make them a high demand item with anyone stupid enough to continue puffing & pill-popping.

What Americans know as 7/11 stores .. Brits call 'Corner Shops' .. & we call "Dairies" (because they sell milk etc). - these family enterprises often rely on their cigarette and booze sales to boost income. - The big single difference between here and US is that the scumbags here get away with it.

The story about these punks revolves around their urge to gratify-a-need .. They want .. they take.

.. Learning-impaired, tattooed, incoherent, psychotic 'ferals' don't think ahead - and don't care.

- These dangerous freaks are classic examples of behavior dictated by a low intellect and SHORT TERM THINKING.

.. Hmm .. now who else do we have in our lives that act like that ?? - I know, - it's politicians.

- Well they do share many anti-social behaviors. Lying and cheating to mislead their victims - and once in a position of power they eagerly grab at the short term riches that satisfy their selfish needs - while ignoring long term consequences. - And both groups seem to be protected from punishment by laws that ignore victims rights.

 Youth Courts, & Parliamentary Privilege, my ass.

Both of these "social groups" ignore the possibility of working now for bigger benefit later - much like pre-school kids told that if they don't eat the few sweeties in front of them for five minutes - they'll be rewarded with a whole packet when the adult returns.

Solutions? - How about MORE POLICE & PRISONS, - Better Education and Healthcare Funding, and a CITIZENS ASSEMBLY  as a 'Second House' instead of an 'Upper House'. And  forget the anti-gun nonsense and allow decent citizens to arm and defend themselves against armed crooks.

..  800 "Lords" in the British 'House of Lords' ... What a sick joke.

Marty K.