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Friday, 13 April 2018

Putin Of The KGB:

“There is no such thing as a former intelligence agent” 
says a Russian proverb.

Vladimir Putin was only 33 when posted by the KGB to Dresden (in 1985 East Germany) where he worked closely with the East German STASI for five years to 1989. When the dividing wall was pulled down - he and his wife left Germany for Leningrad in their car - with a secondhand 20 year old washing machine in the back.
"Whoever saw him on the shooting range, would think that he was excessively cautious, since he very distinctly followed the rules of behavior on the firing line. He also watched his neighbors and got nervous when someone began to non-arbitrarily gesticulate with a loaded pistol in their hand." 

What The F*** is that?

The Man Seems To LIKE Guns
(A Stechkin APS - Blow-back 9x18 mm Select Fire)
750 rpm, 20 round Magazine.

“50 years ago, the streets of Leningrad taught me one thing: If a fight’s inevitable, you must strike first,” Putin said.
14 y.o.
We all need to remember that Russia is no longer communist - but might more likely be held to be a federal, semi-presidential, Republic.

And Putin is no longer a communist .. So who's running the place? According to the BBC while there are strong criminal 'mafiosa' like figures throughout this huge nation - the top handful in power in The Kremlin are a steady group of Putin's old friends from St. Petersburg and the old KGB. - & they seem to be a loyal hard working team.

Top British politicians are accusing ex KGB Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Putin of personally ordering the execution in UK of Russian spy Sergai Skripal by poisoning with the organo-phosphorous nerve agent VX ... which was developed in UK by ICI in 1952 and at Porton Down during the cold war era - only six miles away from where this attack occurred.

British scientists (from Porton Down) are reportedly working furiously to determine where the nerve agent used originates from.

VX is short for "venomous agent X"

Wikipedia says:

The U.S. started production of large amounts of VX in 1961 at Newport Chemical Depot. - Some countries known to possess VX are the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, North Korea, Israel, and Syria.

Marty K.