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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Texas Homicidal Humor & US Air-force General Curtis E LeMay:

Two 'Shocking' books: 😱

I'm reading currently 'MORE HOMICIDAL HUMOR' ($3.40 Kindle version) written (or collected?) by Sgt.Brian Foster - a Houston, Texas Cop .. cop-tales mostly about "Stupid" and his often fatal demise.

.. Just to give you the flavor of this fun, "educational" book - one tale describes the victim's wife-with-a-knife as "a double-wide wart-hog wearing shorts and a boob-tube."

 But the first story's main character that he tells us all about is/was all male, tough and fairly sympathetic - and kinda reminded me of General Curtis E LeMay - who was a 'hard-assed' military mover-and-shaker .. he's the guy responsible for fire bombing Tokyo with napalm & magnesium incendiaries, and also credited with running "the Berlin airlift".. He later stood as a vice-presidential candidate with segregationist Governor George Wallace.

 He was one hell of a Hawk and is on record as saying that he knew that if USA had lost that war .. He'd have been tried for war crimes.  - I "met" LeMay in another book I'm currently reading - 'THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE' by Daniel Ellsberg - whistle blower -  he of the 'Pentagon Papers'.

I know, I know .. I'm "name dropping" all over the place while showing that all I do is lay about and read all the time - This is in fact true .. but why wouldn't someone midway in their seventh decade behave like a house-cat stretched out purring 90% of the day?

 (.. in between running marathons? - traversing the Southern Alps dressed in shorts with an apple in the pocket? - and long-distance ocean swimming while greased-up like a nuns dildo?? .. not 😁).

Ellsberg's book is shocking and very revealing of the incredibly STUPID nutters that are running this planet .. but I'm only into the first chapters so won't say more .. but General LeMay is an historic player.
He was a shooter ..
Sports Car owner - Racing enthusiast
LeMay's 1950s Allard J2 

- And Fire Bomber:

- When the USA nuked Hiroshima & Nagasaki killing some further 130,000 civilians - they were really only continuing the incinerations that LeMay had instigated.

Firebombed Tokyo

Atom Bombed Hiroshima

Remember - This is done to people by our Governments. - We vote for them.
 - What can we, the people do with guns that's any worse?

Marty K.