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Sunday, 8 April 2018

BOOK OF GLOCK by Sadowski:

Long term buddie 'J' bought me a copy of the new American book on Glocks - and that's exactly what it is about - the guns .. not Glock the man or anything political - or any media-hype bullshit. It's a very detailed record of the various pistol types and their serial numbers / dates and specifications, colors and calibers.
- He even has a page on the recent Glock 46 prototype with the cam-operated rotating barrel lock-up.
I've read it very attentively - with some inside knowledge from being the early factory agent here in New Zealand - and Robert Sadowski has done a thorough job. - I have only found one missing detail - that the first batches of G17 guns (- including the Austrian Military P80 guns?) - were only serial numbered on the metal slide and barrel.

- Early Glocks had NO SERIAL NUMBER on the polymer frames ..
Unnumbered Frame Of Early Glock 17 First Series.

I recall that G17s with the earliest numbers (starting with A & B prefixes?) were built before the factory developed the molded-in steel insert located in front of the trigger guards - the area sometimes referred to as 'the dust cover'.

Typical Frame Serial Number Insert.

I'd have thought this was worth remarking upon in what could be 'the technical bible' written by a leading collector .. apart from that I can't find any other "nits" to be picked 😊.

A good book with detailed parts drawings for each series, plus disassembly and lubrication guides,

Marty K.