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Monday, 28 March 2016

Home Detention & 'Corrections' Electronic Monitoring Devices:

The 'wireless' is repeating a tale that 'Corrections' are announcing a new "electronic monitoring device' but can't say when it will be designed, manufactured or approved for fitting to criminals released into home detention.

Figures released suggest that as many as 47 sentence-serving convicts are on the loose at any time here in New Zealand after going AWOL and cutting-off their 3M "easily cut-off for safety purposes" free bracelets. - Although these may be proudly displayed at the club-house by associates waiting to be granted their patches.

There seems to be some problems around making a 'monitoring device' that can't be cut-off and there may also be a shortage of staff contracted to do the monitoring part for the home release candidates. A few hundred years ago they solved that issue by using METAL rings and prison guards or warders.

- Judith Collins, Minister of Corrections says they are working with 3M to perfect a "World 1st" that can't be removed!

Marty K.