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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Original Thinking? & Rock Art:

I had an ORIGINAL THOUGHT the other day.. something that I never claim normally - as I reckon that most that I know comes from other folks experiences and earlier work. - I'll tell you about it.

 - Well at least it felt like original - as I got this warm satisfied feeling - much like I imagine a broodmare must treasure after delivering a beautiful long-legged foal on the grass. ( - or like taking a pee in your wet-suit when diving 90 foot down under a freezing cold sea on a snowy grey day).

I'd actually been for a steep uphill climb under blazing hot skies to view some Maori 'Rock Drawings'. - Well it was a failed walk because I gave-up - and left the flies, sweat, cow shit, sun-burn, fences-to-climb & my gasping for breath to someone else - while I returned to the shade and comfort of my car down at the road and emptied a bottle of peach flavoured water down my throat.

Prehistoric Maori Rock Art - Not ORIGINAL
-as Was over-painted with House-Paint in 1929

I admit that I was saddened to not climb manfully all the way - but it was a good effort eh.

It's a sad indictment that even remotely located house-paint daubs have to be securely protected from interference.

- I think my returned companion was concerned to find me quietly stretched-out - and anxiously hoped that I had not croaked.

Do you know that joke?: "Grandad, - can you make a noise like a frog? .. Maybe kid - why do you ask? - well mum says that when you croak we'll be able to have a trip to Disneyland .."

Great views from up there - good Moa hunting country eh.
Ah yes  - that ORIGINAL thought .. well we were discussing who should and shouldn't have guns and why - and I concluded, while passing the Irish Whiskey - "that there are two kinds of people - those with guns and those without  - and I want to be one of those with."
Marty K.

“Cogito, ergo sum armatus: I think, therefore I am armed.”
- Anonymous