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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Latest News of Indian Nirbheek Revolver:

- Now available in full colour ..
 From ..


  1. Apply directly booking of 0.32 Revolver MK - III/NIRBHEEK to General Manager, Field Gun Factory, Kalpi Road ,Kanpur - 208009  with a Demand Draft for full amount of RS. 74,869/-  for 0.32. MK-III Revolver And  Rs.1,22,513/- for NIRBHEEK drawn in his favour payable at Kanpur.
  2. On receipt of full amount, registration will be done and date for collection will be intimated strictly as per priority number based on full amount deposited.
  3. For the customers, who deposit full amount by hand at the time of registration, date for collection will be intimated straightway.
At a recent open day - 'Additional General Manager Sanjeev Kumar was quoted as saying that the Nirbheek Lightweight  .32" calibre Revolver may be produced in a range of multiple colours including fluorescent pink, red and yellow. "Besides many others wish to give the gun a camouflage coating".
Kumar said, "Soon electro slag refining plant worth Rs 35 crore of European standards would be added to our inventry where the gun could be updated."    ?? Er whattt?

Priced at Rs 1.22 lakh, the Nirbheek is made of titanium alloy and weighs about 500gm. After the Delhi gang rape incident, IOF researchers had come up with the light-weight revolver which could be carried by women in purses or small handbags for self-defence.
"It is the first light-weight gun specially designed for women. We would try to improve its features," said Kumar.

- Like you could improve its price - which is more than the average years salary in India.

Another senior official said, "We will also use chrome as it will enhance the life of the gun and cut short on maintenance."

Those who notice that the new Nirbheek IOF .32 looks sort of familiar are correct (award yourself a gold star sticker). - It is in fact a reduced-calibre Titanium version of the 1899 Webley Mk IV .38" S&W calibre "Boer War Model" (- Singapore Police Version with Safety Catch.)
1899 Webley Mk IV - Singapore Police Safety Catch Version.

 - Some advanced thinking Indian design work going on here eh. - If you really needed a break-action why wouldn't you make a titanium .32" version of something later - like a copy of the Russian Izhmash REX MP-412?
 Or really up-to-date - how about an IOF version LCR 327 Federal Magnum?
Marty K.