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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Dunblane Shooting - 20 Years Ago & Gun Crime:

13th March 1996 - sixteen children and one teacher were killed in Dunblane near Stirling, Scotland . This terrible shooting resulted in two new British Firearms Acts and the near total banning of civilian handgun ownership in UK.

Have the new Gun Bans resulted in less violent crime - less gun crime? - Feel free to research the crime statistics for your self. The latest UK police figures released suggest 'business as usual" and an upward trend.

This week in New Zealand we have had FOUR police officers shot on a rural pot growing raid, an extensive cache of 14 brand new MSSAs discovered hidden in a roof space during an Auckland area 'P-Lab' raid and TWO drug making laboratories discovered in Operation Turbo, - and all shooters must note that there are some 4,000 firearms offences committed here every year.

Parliament has fresh calls for a review of our firearms law - Is anybody surprised?

Minister of Police Judith Collins is calling for a "select committee enquiry" into how military style weapons are getting into the country.

Our leaders once again seek ways of further blaming crime on the guns and more ways to restrict the legal ownership of firearms by fit and proper persons - rather than face-up to the obvious facts that CRIME is on the increase and that the underfunding of the Police is resulting in unsolved - indeed un-investigated criminal acts, - while our prisons are so overcrowded, run by gangs, and 'policed' by private contracted-out staff - that now prison sentences are being reduced by two thirds to vacate the beds.. indicating to the 'clients' that sentencing is mostly meaningless.

- We even have convicted criminals sentenced to live at home in complete freedom - provided that they volunteer not to cut off a 'bracelet' given to them free of charge!


Meanwhile, prepare to face further pointless expensive restrictions and 'BANS' that will be imposed on legal shooters .. it is going to happen again.

Marty K.