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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

More ZigZag Revolvers - The 'Union' from USA:

You might like to refer back to my post Old & New ZigZag Revolvers (6 February 2016) - if you can be bothered eh.

I just came across this further brand of ZigZag revolver - this one is an automatic revolver like the Webley-Fosberry but built in America before WW1.

Union Automatic Revolver .32" Calibre.

Built in small numbers (less than 100?) between 1909/1913 this five shot .32S&W Short cartridge gun worked as an automatic by the top half recoiling to re-cock the hammer and rotate the cylinder. The 'hump' is a shroud designed to protect the shooters hands from the reciprocating cylinder and barrel assembly. - If you've ever crossed your thumbs behind a Glock 17  you'll know why. Ouch.

The top-half appears very much like a standard 'break-action' revolver of that period:

I owe full thanks to 'Forgotten Weapons' for all my information on this American rarity that was built in Toledo Ohio and is the work of Designer Daniel Lefever.

- You might research Forgotten Weapons excellent video 'The Union Automatic Revolver'.

Zulaica Revolver ?? - Well here I go again, as I just spotted one picture of this Spanish individual automatic revolver. - Apparently made in Eibar, Spain by M Eibar y Cia in the early 1900s this six shot 'blowback' .22"L.R. is rare - I quote Wikipedia - 'few were ever made with even fewer surviving'.

Well I think that the zig-zag system for indexing a cylinder looks to be sturdy and reliable - and does not have to be linked with a reciprocating 'auto' system - as shown by the single action Mauser C78 Revolvers.
Break-Action (Later Model)

Mauser C78 Revolver(Solid Frame)
- That lug moves forward to cam the zigzag as the gun is cocked.

- Might a double-action zigzag work?

- Any more zigzags lurking out there? - well here is a Zigzag double-action pepperbox derringer:

 The Remington-Elliots ZigZag Pepperbox.
A Double-Action .22"Short R.F.
Some 140 known guns date from 1861 / 1862.

Marty K.