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Monday, 7 March 2016

Visitors Learn Safe Firearms Handling:

I had two separate 'overseas visitors' through last week - one from UK - and t'other from Eire. Both requested (being aware of my interests) that I show and tell exactly what these strange machines GUNS are really about.
Demonstrate That Gun is Empty/Safe.

When later relaxing after dinner - with all the stuff  securely locked away - they both commented how impressed they had been with the safe handling and with my insistence on their own total correct observation of the safety rules at all times.
Finger OFF Trigger:

All that lecturing and induction training gave me a tender throat that had to be medicinally treated with several doses of  Jamesons.

But I was cheered by how both mature parties expressed considerable further interest in their subsequent conversations and by reading some of my on-topic books.

- A later outing to a local beach really brought home how the inmates of the British Isles get used to their high density population "internment":
Two's A Crowd Eh.

Nice to have the company for a while - but they have all flown away now like the Godwits from the estuary shore. - Autumn is in the air.
We don't seem to have a 2015 Reader's Digest Most Trusted Survey result yet - But I note that SAS trained weapons expert and VC holder Willie Apiata has been voted 'most trusted' New Zealander four times (2008, 2009, 2010, 2014 - plus second once) so far. - Our esteemed Prime Minister John Key came in a close 86th.

Marty K.