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Sunday, 20 March 2016

'GUN BABY GUN' A New 'Antigun' Book- It's Great:

I went into town Friday to have two new tyres fitted to my wee Honda - so while waiting for them to do the work and check the wheel alignment I wandered down to the 'Paperplus' book shop where I proved yet again that I should not be allowed into book shops..

- So while filling-in time waiting to spend $370 on tyres etc. for the car - I spent a further $45.98 on books! - But that's the way it goes - the bad news is that the tyre fitter reported that the other two (rear) wheels rubber-bands also need replacement shortly.

- The good news is that I spent my money well - buying the March issue of 'Guns & Ammo' magazine and an 'anti-gun?' paperback book GUN BABY GUN by Iain Overton.(358 pages).

I have checked the price from The Book Depository in UK and interestingly they wanted an unexpected NZ$3 more to send it down to NZ.

 Written and published for the UK market - he does tend to use "florid" language - such as "I turned and walked through the (morgue) visitors entrance, the only person to go through those gates that morning with neither tearful nor lifeless eyes." - Well he is a journalist eh (If it bleeds - It leads).

- But before you shrug and turn away - this guy (and his researcher Jenna Corderoy) seem to have done an excellent job of researching FACTS. - In the first few pages I actually learnt new stuff - that was all properly referenced too. He actually starts by visiting the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds UK and then the 'Small Arms Survey' in Geneva Switzerland and reports what he found in an unbiased manner!
Some Of The 14,000 Exhibits In Royal Armouries Collection.

Perhaps that's why I haven't heard of this recent (2015) book before - it may be too truthful and treads on too many toes?

 Author Iain Overton can tell it how it is because he's been there - as one time head of a gun club, reader of shooting magazines (like my 'Guns & Ammo'), and as a hunter. - He knows that "guns are fun". - But he has also experienced being shot-at - and he knows the terrible things that humans do to others - too often and in too many places around our world.

A world that I see as hugely beautiful and precious but widely contaminated by corrupt power grabbing a*#*holes.

- Would that other 'anti-gunners' such as Adjunct Associate Professor Phlip Alpers did better research and published some legitimate source references (other than from quoting himself). - Really that Alpers is "a fifteen dollar hat on a nickel head."

GUN BABY GUN  e-book is available for your Kindle currently for less than $10.  - Go buy it and read what may be a good gun book.. Lots of interesting facts and I'm only part way through so far. - You don't have to agree with his sentiments - but you will enjoy his research and stories about what we do to each other.

- American readers may have to look for a different title.. 'THE WAY OF THE GUN'

- Did you know that the first recorded Gun Club was St. Sebastianus Shooting Club in Cologne that was set up in 1463?

Marty K.