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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Delayed Releases: Kimber K6 Revolver & Bond Arms 'Bull-Pup':

I keep looking for news that these two guns are available and being reviewed independently while shot on range .. But NOTHING !

The Kimber K6 was announced back in January but since then there has been  Nout - Nada - Zilch!

Back then they did manage to publish a superb picture of a prototype firing a dramatic flame ring:

- Maybe something happened that they don't want anyone to hear about.. (there's not much metal around those chambers eh).

- and as for the Bond Arms "Bull Pup" - that used to be aka the 'Boberg' ? - Bond Arms announced that they had bought Boberg way back in November 2015.

Lovely new wooden grips at the gun Show so far - but still waiting ..

- Forum gossip is that maybe the issue Bond Arms has is trying to get the selling price down below $1,000 to encourage buyers. - Bobergs original manufacture involved much expensive precise machining.

 If Bond Arms were listening I'd suggest they approach Rugers lost wax casting facility to see if they can squirt some stainless steel components for them in a near finished state. - That's 'Pine Tree Castings', Newport, NH. - most of the other Stateside gun-makers use Rugers investment castings  already!

I know that we are most unlikely to ever see examples of either short-barreled piece down here in New Zealand because our current regulations won't permit them to be owned or shot outside of Military or Law Enforcement control.

 But they are interesting & new and shooters deserve to have some light shone on the true situation by the shooting media. - However I am well aware that most American shooting magazines are owned by (- and the content is controlled by) - the Industry's leading manufacturers .. no partiality here then.

Marty K.