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Friday, 19 August 2016

Effectiveness of Handgun Calibers - & Guard Dogs:

Greg Ellifritz's 'Weekend Knowledge Dump' just landed on my desktop .. desktop because my laptop failed in a big way a week ago with a "corrupted hard-drive"? - so I have been rescued again by good friend 'J' who spent more than 12 hours locating, checking and setting-up the new upgraded (recycled & used) p.c. while also stripping open the lap-top and replacing that hard drive with a new, larger-solid state component bought from his favorite computer component suppliers.. involving a lot of driving around Christchurch.

Note: That fairly expensive laptop is only just about two years old - but I guess its maker can't be blamed for the invading viruses that have stuffed it.

- Enough already - Gregs weekend newsletter included this link to a story about effectiveness of various calibers for self defense .. well worth a look:

- And a link to a story by firearms expert  Massad Ayoob about thoughts and practicalities of getting a dog as a pet and for home security:

- And for any of you not aware of Gregs FACT BASED original research as a Police Officer and Trainer - into the effectiveness of the more usual handguns (and long arms!) - from recorded events gathered over a ten year period:

I had (sort-of) forgotten the details of Gregs research findings based on ACTUAL shootings and was elated to note that the table for .32s .. only 32"Long & .32ACP - records 72% actually incapacitated by one shot (torso or head hit).

That is a top performance for small caliber rounds/guns dismissed by many as ineffective mouse guns.

Just as anyone thinking about having a gun in their control - will need to like and to be interested in their use - and to train / practice with that gun..

-  Owning a large effective animal such as a protective DOG has to be taken equally seriously as a long term commitment.

Marty K.