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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Illegal Firearms - Law & Order Committee Confronts TradeMe:

The ongoing Parliamentary Committee investigating how illegal guns are getting to criminals is currently challenging on-line auction site TradeMe to exclude online gun sales.

TradeMe is the New Zealand on-line equivalent of E-Bay - but many locals feel that it is much better than and far easier to use than E-Bay.

Regarding gun sales - TradeMe  New Zealand requires users to pre-register their Firearms Licence details before permitting any transaction on-line - and only 'A-Cat.' (non restricted) firearms ammunition and parts are allowed.

TradeMe are countering the political attack on gun sales by requesting that the Police make available their licence register so that on-line activity can be cross checked for valid and current licences.

You can just about guarantee that the end result of the law and order select committee will be further expensive restrictions on lawful shooters.

Marty K.