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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Myths DeBunked by Massad Ayoob - and..

I have respected and enjoyed writings and books by 'Mas' for years.  Wow - as many as that?

Here's a link to one of his recent articles for those interested in 'shoot-outs'.

That's a '1911' - just goes to show how broad minded Massad Ayoob can be - as he usually carries a Glock.

And while talking about Glocks - I've just come across a post showing "Polymer80" who are an US outfit making after market Glock frames in colours and a different style for around US$160.

or options
No Pink??

.. All you have to do is swap over the fiddly bits. This would actually be great if your original frame got scuffed or damaged eh.

Marty K.